Group touched by tragedy urges Caltrans to build barriers near Montara State Beach

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- Two families joined forces in the effort to get a barrier built on a stretch of highway near Montara State Beach.

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"We don't want more people dying," said missing man Richard Moss' father Dan.

The group of demonstrators standing along Highway 1 near Montara State Beach was hard to miss, and that was the point.

The group led by Dan wants more safety barriers built on one stretch of coastline, barriers which may have saved the life of his son who vanished while driving to work on May 25.

A tire believed to be from his car was located off the side of a nearby cliff last week.

"There are 82 reasons why his car crashed and went over the edge, if there is a barrier, he may be in the hospital and not dead," Dan told ABC7 News.

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Rose Dealba, 20, died one night last Sept. when her car crashed off Highway 1. "She went over a cliff," said her sister Lorina. "I definitely believe that to a high extent, her life could've been saved by the barrier, along with Richard's."

"I feel like this will be an issue until we get a response from Caltrans," said activist Glenda Cota.

"It's not just a matter of if we can go out there and set up some barriers overnight with no preparation," said Caltrans spokesperson Bob Haus. "Even with temporary barriers there are still some procedures you have to follow."

Until permanent barriers are built, this group wants to see temporary guard rails put up as soon as possible.
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