Registered high-risk sex offender removed from Rohnert Park hotel

ROHNERT PARK, Calif. (KGO) -- A high-risk sex offender has been removed from a Rohnert Park hotel after his location was made public Monday night.

Officials said he's being held in an undisclosed rural area at this time.

Jonathan Hoppner, 23, was released Friday after serving 18 months in jail for groping two women.

Hoppner checked into a Rohnert Park motel after his release from jail, but not under his name. When management learned his identity, they asked him to leave.

Rohnert Park residents were relieved when he was asked to leave the hotel.

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One man said he doesn't want someone like that in his neighborhood.

According to Megan's List, Rohnert Park has 35 sexual predators who are living within city limits.

Of those, 17 committed felonies against children ranging from pornography to rape.

But Hoppner who served time only for a misdemeanor, earned a public warning by Rohnert Park police, who said they had their reasons. "This is the first time that I have been involved in a public notice, but it was due to this individual's propensity to re-offend," Rohnert Park Police Sgt. Jeff Justice said.

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In Rohnert Park and other cities, this exemplifies an intricate balance between public safety and severity of offenses.

The public sentiment against Hoppner was generated by both police and media coverage. "I do feel bad that there's nothing else that can be done for him," Stephanie Fuentes said.

Fuentes added that she would not want someone like that living next door to her either. She found out a child molester lives in an apartment near her through Megan's List.

A few blocks away, Pam Ruffino said a sexual offender lives on her block.

Megan's List revealed there are two child molesters living near them and it changes how kids in the area play. "They are not allowed to play outside without us, unfortunately, out in the front yard. The backyard is fine and they just know to be very cautious, not talk to strangers and to be very mindful of their surroundings at all times," Ruffino said.

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