Joe Biden Gives Advice to Tim Kaine and Mike Pence Before VP Debate

Vice President Joe Biden is offering his advice for Tim Kaine and Mike Pence before tonight's vice-presidential debate.

"Think about whether you made the right decision," he said in response to a reporter's question about his advice for both candidates tonight.

"Because it could be a long day in that office over there," said Biden, pointing out a window at the White House, "if you don't agree with the president."

Biden later elaborated on his comments in an interview with WMNF radio, specifying Pence.

"He's much too dogmatic for me, but I like him, and Mike is in a tough spot," Biden told WMNF. "It would be a hell of a life to get up in the morning and have to walk in and support some of the crazy things I'm confident Mike Pence thinks are crazy that Donald Trump's doing."

Though Biden declined his own run for the presidency this year, he said that a loss in November could work out well for Pence and wished him luck.

"So, Mike, good luck. Maybe the best thing that can happen to you is Trump loses and then you can run on your own," said Biden.

Biden participated in two vice-presidential debates during the 2008 and 2012 election cycles, facing Sarah Palin, then the governor of Alaska, and Paul Ryan, then a Wisconsin representative and now the speaker of the House.
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