Law enforcement training event held in Pleasanton

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KGO) -- An intense tactical training expo for law enforcement all over the Bay Area continued Sunday.

Officers attended the Urban Shield event in Pleasanton where they are working to prepare themselves for emerging challenges on the job.

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Medical personnel practiced by taking the pressure and pulse of an Alameda County deputy. "Our day has been a mad rush getting from one scenario to another dealing with everything from a dignitary protection to hostage rescue," Alameda County Sheriff's Office Deputy Payam Shannon said.

Oakland Housing Authority police focused on physical fitness during the training. "It's a three mile run with five or six obstacles, then you have the confidence course," Oakland Housing Authority Ofc. Nathan Mumbower said.

It's Mumbower's first year competing at Urban Shield. "It's a tight knit community, my team is tight and a lot of people are supporting us," he said.

During one of the drills, University of Berkeley police handled a hostage Situation. "Anywhere there's a heat signature we can pick it up to determine if it's human," an officer said.

Some officers were given a thermal imaging device to locate a baby inside. "All law enforcement is using the same technology, they're seeing very similar situations, it gives them a chance to train for what they may need to do," Livermore Police Department Sgt. Jim Horton said.

There were at lesst 35 scenarios in all over a 48-hour period.
The take away is to be better peace officers in real world situations.

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