Lawyer for Vallejo woman says kidnapping was not hoax

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- The controversy is escalating over what police say is a kidnapping hoax in Vallejo. An attorney for a young woman at the center of the debate says she was a victim of a violent crime.

Lawyers for both Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn came out swinging against the Vallejo Police Department. They say very emphatically that their clients were victims of crimes, even though police are telling a different story.

"She is absolutely, unequivocally, 100 percent, positively a victim. This is no hoax. This is not a laughing matter," said Doug Rappaport, Huskins' attorney.
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Lawyers were responding to Vallejo police, who on Wednesday night, called the kidnapping of Huskins for ransom an orchestrated event. They say they haven't found any evidence that a kidnapping happened.

Huskins disappeared Monday and turned up safe in Southern California on Wendneday.

On Thursday, Huskins spent the day being interviewed by Vallejo police, but police had said she refused to talk to them. The police accused the pair of sending them on a wild good chase.

"I could tell you in the grand scheme of things, Mr. Quinn and Ms. Huskins have plundered valuable resources away from our community," said Lt. Kenny Park, with the Vallejo police department.

"She was the victim of a very serious assault and like a number of women who have been victims- she was initially hesitant to come forward- she is cooperating in hopes of clearing her name," said Rappaport.
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Also appearing to try and clear her name is the alleged kidnapper. The San Francisco Chronicle says it received an email from a person claiming to be one of the kidnappers, saying the kidnapping was real.

Huskins and Quinn could also face criminal charges is police find no evidence. All police will say is that the investigation isn't complete.

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