Police accuse man of wielding hatchet, smashing into El Cerrito Walgreens

EL CERRITO, Calif. (KGO) -- El Cerrito police are trying to learn more about a hatchet-wielding man who smashed his way into a Walgreens pharmacy. Police managed to stop him without firing a single shot.

Edward Barron is still in the hospital after overdosing on several different prescription drugs.

Acting Sgt. Gilbert Tang says 29-year-old Barron smashed through the glass door of an El Cerrito Walgreens with a hatchet. It was just before opening hours. The employees ran out and Barron began ingesting and injecting himself with prescription pain medicine.

"This is the perfect example of us not using lethal force, even though it was an option," Tang said.

"Yesterday, we couldn't get the medications at all. Whoever broke into the glass maybe took it," said Walgreens customer Edwin Canapa.

Police say Barron, a transient from the Midwest, barricaded himself in the bathroom so they decided to send in Officer Joshua Del Prado and his K9 Koda.

"When I approached to try to prevent him from fighting with my dog, he struck me a few times with this legs," Del Prado said.

Police realized Barron did not have his hatchet so Del Prado continued using the dog to apprehend him.

Under the circumstances, El Cerrito officers had to use a lot of restraint and make a quick decision not to use their guns.

"I was the Watch Commander at the time," Tang said. He added that he's proud of the outcome of the incident and says it was his decision.

Police are trying to learn more about Barron and why he went to such extreme measures.
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