Man caught on video shooting tires out of AT&T truck in front of home

HIALEAH, Fla. -- A Florida man was caught on video shooting out the tires of an AT&T truck after workers parked in front of his home.

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Police said workers were hanging lines on utility poles Wednesday morning when 64-year-old Jorge Jove got upset and told them to move away from his home.

Police said the workers told Jove that they would move as soon as possible, but they would need to finish their work first. The truck was parked on a public street.

Police then said Jove went inside his home and grabbed a gun. Cellphone video shows a man, believed to be Jove, shooting out the tires of one of the trucks.

Police said it's unclear if he was trying to shoot the workers.

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"He flattened their tires, he shot into the bodies of the trucks, he shot out one of the radiators of the truck. He seemed to be a quiet man, and something made him snap today," Sgt. Carl Zogby told WPLG.

Zogby said the workers had a legal right to park on the street.

Jove was arrested and charges are pending.

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