Man fatally shot while driving wife and two children in San Leandro

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KGO) -- Police in San Leandro are looking for whoever shot a man while he was driving with a woman and two children near I-880 exit.

The shooting took place around 9:24 PM on Marina Boulevard, just two blocks from the I-880 San Leandro exit.

"The woman who's identifying herself as his wife, slid over up against the driver, the victim, and actually operated the vehicle and drove the vehicle from the shooting scene over to Kaiser," said Lt. Rick DeCosta from the San Leandro Police Department.

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Police say the woman drove the victim to the San Leandro Kaiser less than a mile from where the shooting took place.

Once she arrived at the hospital she screamed for help but it was too late for the victim who suffered a gunshot wound to the head and shoulder.

Police are saying this is a tragic case of road rage.

The woman told police her husband got into an argument with another driver who opened fire while they were both moving.

"You don't know who these people are that you're getting into an argument with and you don't know whether or not these people could be armed, you don't know what their intentions are," said Lt. DeCosta.

"It's awful, I couldn't believe it," said Diana Lopez, who with her husband has owned a business on Marina Boulevard for more than a decade.

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Their business is currently under construction but now Lopez says they'll be installing security cameras as soon as possible.

"Once we complete the construction were going to have a lot more employees in the warehouse, so it's a big concern," said Lopez.

The two children in the vehicle were 5 and under one-year-old, luckily they were not injured. Neither was their mother.

Police says they are still looking into reason other than road rage for the shooting.
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