Michael Finney, disaster relief experts answer Earthquake-related questions

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7 On Your Side's Michael Finney along with a team of disaster experts were in Napa to answer questions to help people affected by the South Napa Earthquake.

7 On Your Side's Michael Finney teamed up with a group of disaster experts in Napa Monday to answer questions to help people affected by the South Napa Earthquake.

Finney and the disaster relief experts gathered at the Crosswalk Community Church in Napa from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. to take questions and concerns.

There are wonderful resources to help people begin the healing process and to begin making the necessary repairs and to prepare for the next event.

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The team included experts from the California Earthquake Authority, County of Napa, Napa Humane Society, the Red Cross and more.

They answered questions ranging from how to file a claim to what to do with pets who were displaced after the Earthquake.

A question that was asked multiple times was, can an individual condominium owner buy Earthquake insurance?

"You bet, jump on our website earthquakeauthority.com. There's information there about coverage for condominiums, basically they can choose what kind of coverage they want. They can buy for the wallpaper they want put in and the fixtures that go along with it, number one. They can buy the loss assessment coverage in case the condominium association hits them up with a big assessment after a big event. They can get coverage for that or they can insure the contents of the things. They can pick and choose, it's affordable," California Earthquake Authority CEO Glenn Pomeroy said.

A San Mateo resident said he buys Earthquake insurance, but he's always been concerned there would not be enough money and he's concerned that events like this may break the California Earthquake Authority.

"Really glad he asked this question, the CEA has tremendous financial strength, we make ourselves be financially strong to the tune of, we can handle an event that's so rare, it's going to once every 450 years. The rating agency's want us to be at that mark. Our public board wants us to be at that mark. We have great financial strength. We have over $10 billion in claims, paying capability for our insurance," Pomeroy said.

As a result of Sunday's earthquake, local agencies are recommending the following safety precautions be taken:

* Check for damage, especially to utilities, foundation, walls, and chimneys.

* If you smell or hear leaking gas, open your windows and get everyone out of the building right away. Turn off gas at service (if residential) and notify PG&E immediately. Customers can contact PG&E at www.pge.com or call 1-800-PGE-5002.

* If you smell smoke, get everyone out of the building. Use a fire extinguisher to put out small fires. Don't use water on electrical or gas fires.

* Inspect your home's foundation, walls, and chimneys. Look and listen for any signs of possible collapse.

* Please be patient if your power is out. Utility providers are working to restore services. For more information or assistance please contact PG&E.

* If you are experiencing low water pressure or interrupted water service please contact your local water provider.

* Aftershocks could be possible.

* If the shaking starts again, protect yourself by staying away from windows and taking cover in a door frame or under a sturdy piece of furniture.

* If you are outdoors, stay in the open away from buildings, bridges, signs and overhead wires.

* Remain calm and do an assessment of those in your building and on your block if it is safe to do so.

Bay City News contributed to this report.
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