One person tests positive for Zika virus in Yolo County

YOLO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- One person has tested positive for the Zika virus in Yolo County, according to the Yolo County Health Department.

The number of confirmed Zika cases in the U.S. now stands at 66, including the one in Yolo County. All cases were travel related except for one.

Yolo County health officials say the patient is at home and doing fine and nobody has to worry about the virus spreading in Northern California.

"The virus does spread by mosquitoes biting an infected person and then biting another individual but this person got infected while traveling outside of the United States, so we do not have any concerns about that currently happening in Yolo County or Sacramento," said Kristin Weivoda, a Yolo Co. EMS Administrator.

The head of the Centers for Disease Control told a congressional committee that scientists have found the strongest evidence to date linking Zika to the birth defect microcephaly.

Dr. Thomas Frieden says the findings are based on four cases in Brazil.

"Right now, the most important thing for Americans to know is this: If you are pregnant, we recommend that you do not go to a place where Zika is spreading, and if you are pregnant and live in an area where Zika is spreading, do everything you can to protect yourself against mosquito bites."

Friedan says the CDC is working to get more information about the virus, which is spread by mosquitoes.

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