Only On ABC7 Refugee seeks asylum in US

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A woman escaped from the grits of ISIS terrorist in the Middle East and is making a plea to the United States to be her permanent home. In a story you'll only see on ABC7 News, we get an inside look as she explains how ISIS is making life unbearable for Christians in her country.

Because the woman's husband is still living in Iraq, we will protect her identity and call her Shoshan.

Shoshan made her case before an asylum officer in San Francisco Monday morning.

Members of the Bay Area religious community are standing up to ISIS, the militant Islamic group that has terrorized Christians in Iraq and Syria.

Church members are sending relief supplies and are also helping refugees to seek asylum.

Shoshan is an expecting mother and is among the estimated quarter-million Christians facing persecution in Iraq at the hands of ISIS militants.

She has been visiting relatives in California and has applied for asylum to escape the terror she says ISIS has created.

"They have abducted many young women, killed the husbands and are selling women as slaves," Shoshan said.

She is seeking asylum on religious grounds with the help of the nonprofit group, Mothers "Mothers Against Murder."

"I want to be able to sleep and not worry about when they will be coming inside to kill me," Shoshan said.

However, her husband remains at risk in Iraq. ISIS stripped them of their money and valuables, including Shoshan's wedding ring and she worries deeply about him.

"I wish I could turn around and see him behind me," Shoshan said.

Shoshan is not alone living in fear. Bay Area religious leaders are stepping in to help.

"So I think we all have to stand together, peace loving Muslims, who care about their Christian neighbors and the international community," said Father Ninos Oshaana from Cathedral of the Ascension Greek Orthodox.

"Shoshan's case is the ultimate humanitarian case who someone being persecuted for their beliefs," Evangelical Church of San Jose Pastor Ladimer Alkhaseh Assyrian said.

And so they pray, even for ISIS.

"The more people we save, it sends a message to ISIS that they are valuable and they are not disposable because we are trying to create a community of kinship in which we stop disposing humanity," Catholic Diocese of San Jose Deacon Ruben Solorio said.

The US receives nearly 11,000 asylum applications per year and 367 were approved last year for Iraqi's.

"There is nothing impossible with God, with God's will," Shoshan said.

Shoshan will learn if she will be granted asylum in about two weeks.
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