Parents warned fidget spinners may burst into flames while charging

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First it was hoverboards, then cellphones, now the hugely popular fidget spinner is the latest electronic gadget to catch fire. (KGO-TV)

First it was hover boards, then cellphones, now the hugely popular fidget spinner is the latest electronic gadget to catch fire.

Two moms reported the toys suddenly burst into flames while charging. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating and so is 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney.

It seems like a harmless trinket. You twirl it with your fingers. So what's the fire risk?

Some of them now come with a Bluetooth connector for listening to music. When you charge that, two moms say to watch out.

"It burst into flames and he just started screaming," mom Kimberly Allums said. Her family was minutes from leaving their Alabama home when her son saw it happen.

"I was downstairs and all I heard was fire, fire. And the fidget spinner had literally, it wasn't smoking, it was in flames," she said.

Her son was charging the Bluetooth spinner that lets you play music. About 45 minutes later, it burst into flames.

The boy threw the toy into a sink, dousing it with water. It had scorched the carpet but Allums said it could have been a lot worse. "We were about five or 10 minutes from leaving the house for the day when this happened so it was only God that held us back," she said.

Another mom in Michigan reported her Bluetooth spinner also caught fire while it was charging. In upstate New York, the sponsor of a jazz festival recalled 200 Bluetooth spinners given out as prizes because of a reported fire.

Allums said the spinner packaging didn't have the name of the manufacturer, it just read "made in China."

Any time you have something that needs to be charged, we have to start paying attention to the manufacturers of these, doing our research.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says never leave a spinner or any gadget on a charger while you are asleep or away. The CPSC has already warned about a choking hazard with the toys, now it's looking into these fires.

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