People in San Francisco's Mission District save bee swarm

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A swarm of honey bees was rescued after people jumped in to help them after they landed on a busy street in San Francisco's Mission District. (KGO-TV)

In San Francisco's Mission District, a swarm of honey bees was about to get run over in the intersection of Valencia and Cesar Chavez streets, near the driveway of St. Luke's Hospital. That's when some Good Samaritans came to the rescue.

San Francisco resident Colin Stuart caught video of the rescue. He said, "We just sort of blocked the traffic and asked people to go other way out of parking lot."

Stuart works across the street and saw the honey bees. There were thousands of them and he shot video while carefully moving the bees into a box, with help from an amateur bee keeper who happened to be driving by.

Stuart said the bees were crawling all over him, "especially when we started scooping them into the box. There were dozens and dozens of them just landing on me and it was a little freaky."

"This is bee swarm season," bee keeper Phillip Gerrie said. He says it's not unusual to see swarms, even in San Francisco. "Swarming is a way of making one colony into two. Half of the bees take off and start their own colony."

On the video you can hear someone saying, "The bees came here on their own. They're trying to find a new home."

Those honey bees were rescued and moved to a safe place. Surprisingly, no one got stung.
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