Police: 51 smash-and-grabs happen in one night in East Bay

BRENTWOOD, Calif. (KGO) -- The crime spree started when 17 cars lined up near the front door of a Hampton Inn in Brentwood had their passenger windows smashed sometime before 3 a.m. Friday.

James Bennett found his truck and his daughter's Camaro were hit. "They just smashed it open. They opened this and they opened this and they absolutely ransacked every bit of it and when they couldn't find anything they went out to the next car and did the same thing," he said.

A desk clerk heard a car alarm and called police.

Unfortunately, there were no surveillance cameras at the hotel focused on the parking lot. A car parts store across the way did have several cameras and police will be looking at that video

"They are getting what cash they can and then they steal the car-- the Lexus," said Bennett.

Police say a 1999 four-door Lexus with license plate number 4JPX560 was stolen from the hotel and driven to Livermore.

By 4:30 a.m. Livermore police were inundated with 911 calls about car alarms going off in apartment complexes.

"Between the three streets they located a grand total of 34 vehicles that have been burglarized," said Steve Goard of the Livermore police.

All 34 break-ins occurred in just 30 minutes, prompting Livermore police to say they're looking for an out of town crew of 3 to 4 suspects.

"I had an iPad stolen, my daughter had her wallet stolen I think it's smash and grab," said another victim Tony Jackson.

Earlier this month 13 cars were targeted on several San Ramon cul-de-sacs near Interstate 680.

Police offer this reminder: If there is anything in view in your car, try to hide it. Lock it up. Bring it inside, especially overnight.
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