Police documents reveal new details in murder of Brisbane woman

BRISBANE, Calif. (KGO) -- New details have emerged in the bizarre murder of a Brisbane woman.

The body of Shelly Titchener was found near Fremont last month shortly after she was identified . Her husband Paul Titchener killed himself.

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ABC7 News obtained the police warrant for three phones, two belonging to Paul Titchener and one belonging to his wife, Shelly. The warrant fills in several gaps in Shelly's disappearance and death.

Beginning with the torso that was first found along the Fremont shoreline on Sunday Feb. 21, approximately one week after Shelly Titchener reportedly went missing. The torso was sealed in a plastic bag with duct tape. Two days later, on Tuesday, the autopsy was complete.

The pathologist located a distinct tattoo on the torso's lower back that was described as a red and blue bat with wings.

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Another distinctive feature, the torso had saline implants. Shelly's son James confirmed the tattoo for investigators and Paul Titchener had reported his wife had implants when he filed her missing person report.

According to the warrant, Shelly Titchener's extremities were cut off with a sharp tool like a knife or saw.

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According to police documents, that same night, searchers returned and found another bag with a right leg as well as a purse with Shelly Titchener's driver's license. Paul Titchener jumped to his death from the Bay Bridge later that evening. He has since been named a suspect in Shelly Titchener's death and investigators have said they're continuing to investigate whether or not her husband acted alone.

Investigators located Paul Titchener's two cellphones at his business. He had given investigators his wife's cellphone previously. Brisbane investigators had said they were working on obtaining their own cellphone warrants to look for stored text messages, email and photos.

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