Sexual misconduct trial against Contra Costa County Sheriff's Deputy begins

DUBLIN, Calif. (KGO) -- A former Contra Costa County Deputy is the latest East Bay police officer, ordered to stand trial on criminal charges for his alleged sexual involvement with an underage teenager.

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In court today an Alameda County Judge did not buy the argument from Richardo Perez' attorney that he didn't know the girl was a minor.

Now 19 years old, the young woman at the center of the East Bay police scandal testified against Perez who she claims repeatedly had sex with her when she was just 17.

Perez, who is 29 years old, is no longer with the Sheriff's department.

In graphic testimony, Jasmine Abuslin described how she reached out to Perez on Facebook in July 2015 and within one month they had sex at least 6 times in his car in the Oakland hills.

In testimony, Abuslin said "He picked me up we engaged in sexual activity. I performed sex on him and we had intercourse."

"The testimony itself was almost like pornographic in the manner in which it was being described and the conduct he had engaged in and he was more than willing to have sex with her as she was having sex with other individuals," said Abuslin's Attorney John Burris.
Abuslin was also asked to read from dozens of highly explicit texts and Facebook messages between the two, which included graphic nude pictures that were sent back and forth.

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At one point, Abuslin texts Perez about an upcoming meeting with an Alameda County deputy: "I haven't met him yet but he's ACSO. I like a man in uniform," Abuslin texted.

As they left the court, Perez and his attorney declined to comment, but in court, they argued that Perez did not know Abuslin was only 17 until months after the sexual interactions.

Abuslin acknowledged that she lied to him, telling Perez she was in her twenties, had four children and at one point, claiming she was married to an Oakland police officer, who had committed suicide.

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