Police: Students willing to die in mass shooting plot

SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. -- Two students arrested in connection to a mass shooting plot at South Pasadena High School were willing to die to carry out their plan, police said Tuesday.

The suspects, only identified as boys ages 16 and 17, were arrested Monday after their plans to kill three staff members and "random students" were foiled by detectives.

Another student noticed the suspects' chatter on social media and alerted school authorities about the possible threat. School officials then alerted police last Thursday.

"They just wanted to, as they put it, 'kill as many people as possible.' That's why we took it so seriously and continued on with the investigation through the arrests," said South Pasadena Police Chief Art Miller.

Through Internet surveillance, investigators determined that the two suspects were researching bomb-making materials, weaponry and body armor. According to detectives, no weapons were found at the suspects' homes, but one of their relatives had a firearm that they had planned to obtain.

There was no target date for the massacre, but detectives believe the suspects had a specific plan that they were going to carry out. The motive for the shooting plot has not been released.

According to Miller, the suspects were arrested for conspiracy and criminal threats. They had never been on the radar of the South Pasadena Police Department before this. Detectives plan to present their case to the District Attorney's Office later Tuesday.

School officials say counselors and extra security will be on campus when class starts this Thursday.

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