Road rage video shows motorcyclist smashing car window in SoCal

VERNON, Calif. -- Vernon police are investigating an apparent case of road rage captured on dash camera video on Tuesday.

A motorcyclist with his helmet in his hand is seen walking up to a Nissan Sentra stopped at a light and talking with the driver.

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The chat apparently does not go well.

First the motorcyclist bangs the car door with his fist as he walks off. Then he smashes his helmet into the car's rear window, completely shattering the glass.

But the Nissan driver doesn't just take the hit.
He pops his trunk and grabs a hammer, taking a wild swing at the motorcyclist, but missing as he speeds by.

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The video was posted on YouTube, with footage time-stamped Tuesday 4:16 p.m. It happened at the intersection of Downey Road and Bandini Boulevard.

Police say they have contacted the motorcyclist but would like to speak with the driver of the Nissan. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Vernon Police Department.

According to a AAA study, male drivers were three times more likely to get out of their car and confront another driver or ram another vehicle on purpose. The study also showed that 80 percent of Americans have experienced significant anger or aggression while driving.
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