San Francisco neighborhood concerned about possible sex offender rehab

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- "Not in my neighborhood." That's the battle cry in San Francisco as neighbors try to keep a sex offender rehab center from setting up shop.

Leaders of the sex offender treatment business Sharper Future faced a passionate and concerned group of Duboce Triangle residents.

"I understand that knee jerk reaction, believe me. Everybody has kind of a gut reaction to the word sex offender," Sharper Future spokesperson Mary-Perry Miller said.

The for-profit facility treats sex offenders on parole or probation and is contracted with the State Department of Corrections.

They plan to move into 100 Church Street, the former Out of the Closet location.

"Part of the property is zoned for medical treatment. It was used for medical treatment, had a pharmacy in the past and still is zoned that way," Miller said.

The Planning Department said they need more time to determine if the new tenant falls under the same business definition, but it's not the only issue.

"There are two preschools within 250 feet of that location. It may be a moot point once they do those actual measurements," Duboce Triangle resident David Lytle said.

Proximity of nearby schools will be measured to make sure the location meets D.O.C. requirements.

"There are areas in the city that are probably less populated," Lytle said.

Sharper Future's CEO says their current location will not be torn down until May at the earliest so they will not be trying to relocate right away.

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