San Jose neighbors concerned about proposed homeless housing site

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The San Jose Housing Department says there is only one city-owned surplus site in all of District 9, and it's on a list for a homeless community. But neighbors are very concerned about what's right across the street -- their homes, a park, and a playground.

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Hundreds of frustrated neighbors overflowed from a meeting with the San Jose Housing Department Tuesday night. Officials want to turn a plot of land across from Thousand Oaks Park into housing for the homeless.

Jacky Morales-Ferrand, director of housing, says the city is considering building 10 to 25 tiny homes as well as bathroom and kitchen structures for the homeless early next year.

All 10 San Jose council district must propose a new site for the homeless early next year.

"How are they going to promise us the safety of our kids," asked John Atala, who lives a block and a half from the park.

Atala has three kids under six years old. "The thought of that project being built in my neighborhood really scares me," he added.

"I'm incredibly sensitive to the homeless situation," said neighbor Denise Florio.

Florio believes the city should help the homeless, but she's worried about the value of her home dropping. "They're not considering the working class families in this neighborhood. We won't be able to sell our homes."

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Morales-Ferrand says the city will be considering leasing a different site and other community suggestions.
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