Stunning red poppy display honors fallen WWI soldiers

LONDON, England -- The Tower of London is surrounded by red today to honor the soldiers killed in World War I.

Volunteers have been planting ceramic poppies outside the tower since July.

The poppies are part of an art installation honoring more than 800,000 British and colonial soldiers that died in the so-called "War to End All Wars."

There will be a poppy planted for every soldier by November 11 -- the anniversary of the end of the war.
The installation is so popular officials have been asking people not to visit during peak hours.

Art installation visitor Matt Collins said, "It's incredibly difficult to get something on this scale. You know, this is the Tower of London, they don't (hold) events in their backyard every day. But to have something that you can see, something that has such an incredible visual impact."

The subway station closest to the tower was shut down due to overcrowding several times this week.
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