Surveillance video reviewed in beating near Richmond BART

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- Police are reviewing security video in connection with the investigation into a brutal beating just outside the Richmond BART station and was witnessed by the city's mayor. Officials say the video shows the victim being assaulted by a mob of young men.

Richmond police just got that video Tuesday from BART police and they have reviewed it. The question is, just how much evidentiary value does the video have?

Landon Sims, who's in his 30s, says he was "jumped" by a mob of young men and beaten and kicked just outside the station on Thursday morning.

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"As I got closer, I saw a woman there screaming at them, you know, 'stop, stop, get out of here, get out of here,'" said Mayor Tom Butt.

The mayor says he witnessed the incident after the initial confrontation had happened and the assailants were running away.

That's when he took the cellphone images of Sims being helped by two women.

The security video captured the entire incident. But Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan says the video quality is poor and grainy.

"You can tell something's going on in the video," he said. "And there's movement, but you can't really tell much of anything."

Richmond police are not releasing the video, saying it has no public value.

Sources with knowledge of the video tell us you can see blurred figures standing at the plaza next to a convenience store. As Sims walks toward them, some conversation appears to take place. Then Sims takes off his jacket, and that's when the attack starts and Sims is beaten to the ground.

On Tuesday, the mayor also viewed the security video.

Butt: "It wasn't as helpful as it could have been."
Lee: "Why?"
Butt: "Well, it was from quite a distance away."

The mayor had called Richmond police dispatch. But they transferred him to BART police; confusion that he says added to the response time.

"These agencies need to talk with one another and work out their interagency protocols," he said.

According to BART, their officers responded within five minutes of the 911 calls.
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