Suspect in stabbing of Millbrae teen identified as South SF man

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Law enforcement officials released the identity of a South San Francisco man accused of stabbing a teen outside a Milbrae library on Friday. (KGO-TV)

Law enforcement officials released the identity of a South San Francisco man accused of stabbing a teen outside a Millbrae library Friday.

Nelson Tolentino, 44, was arrested Friday in the stabbing of a 13-year-old boy with a pocket knife, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office.

By phone, the teen's father said his son was stabbed seven times, four times in one arm, and three in the other as he used his arms to protect his body from Tolentino.

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The teen had never seen Tolentino before, his father said, and it's not clear why Tolentino attacked him. The teenager was released from the hospital Saturday, but will return for surgery.

College student Kendrick Meleisea-Smith has been going to the Millbrae Library for years and said he recognized Tolentino, who he's seen sitting outside. "He doesn't bother anybody; he keeps to himself. I never would expect it with him," said Meleisea-Smith.
The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office says Tolentino is a South San Francisco resident and that he stuck around after the attack.

Tolentino will be arraigned Tuesday. The San Mateo County District Attorney's Office says he's had a string of drug possession cases since March.

The teenager's family says they are especially grateful to the sheriff's office and first responders who reacted in under a minute. The substation is located next to the library.

Below is a letter provided to ABC7 News by a parent at Taylor Middle School:

Hello all Taylor Families,

This weekend, we all hugged our families a little bit closer, knowing now more than ever that random violence can strike anywhere and whomever, even our precious children, outside of a public library, in our town of Millbrae.

All of us at Taylor Middle School are all still reeling from this Friday's news of one of our very own seventh grade students having been injured on Friday by a man with a knife, on the last day of the school year, outside our library.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our student and his family, as he recovers and is surrounded by his strong but tearful family and amazing friends, including Taylor teachers and students.

Friends, Taylor students, who under the most dreadful circumstances, stayed with their friend when he was injured, stayed even later to report what had happened to police, and now seek to do everything they can to support his recovery, as they themselves are cared for and supported for all of the trauma they faced that day.

Teachers, Taylor teachers, who rushed from every direction to support the family that day, and who will continue to do so through these early days of summer.

Millbrae School District, and Taylor Administration will be working with everyone impacted by this set of events to help process that which occurred, and as we know more about plans to reach out to our affected family, we will announce those and provide those opportunities or any other developments we seek to share with you.

We are as well discussing the incident in the context of school safety and what can be done to further protect our students from any harm that exists out in the world, and that which can be present within the borders of our hometown of Millbrae. Our children, our families, should never have to experience a traumatic event like this one, ever, in their young lives. We will communicate to our families whatever information falls out of this week's conversations, that will help our students process what happened and remain safe this summer and into the following school year.

As summer vacation begins today, please hold your children that much closer and remind them that the world is full of good and wonderful things, but that on this day last week, the world got very dark, and that all of us are seeking to understand why.


Phil Hophan
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