Tributes held for 3 victims killed in shooting at UPS facility in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Friends and neighbors of three UPS employees who were killed by a fourth employee in a shooting at a UPS facility in Potrero Hill Wednesday are remembering the victims at memorials at UPS and along their delivery routes.

Volleyball players paid tribute to their beloved coach Benson Louie, with a signed t-shirt and volleyball outside the UPS Potrero Hill facility. "The biggest thing was just the size of his heart," Darrick Ly said.

The longtime UPS employee was one of three victims killed in a shooting at the UPS facility. "It was cool to see and hear his stories working for UPS for 15 odd plus years to now and not only seeing how the city has changed, but just seeing how people have changed," Ly said.

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Most of the volleyball players affectionately referred to him as uncle Benson, though they said he felt more like a dad. "We were like his 18 other sons and he always loved to see us on weekends and in the summers," Ly said.

Along Haight Street on Thursday, UPS drivers filled in on the route once covered by victims Mike Lefiti and more recently Wayne Chan. "I think every body at this point everyone that was affected by this, it makes no sense, they were the nicest guys," FTC Skate Boarding owner Kent Uyehara said.

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Uyehara set up a memorial with flowers. A fill-in driver also gave him Chan's name tag off the UPS truck that Chan would have been driving on today.

Uyehara said he also knew Lefiti from his routes along Haight Street and in Diamond Heights. "Biggest guy with the biggest heart," Uyehara said.

The three UPS employees were adored by everyone they met on their routes and elsewhere in the community.

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