Trump Tulare visit draws peaceful protest

FRESNO, Calif. -- As Donald Trump pulled up to his private fundraising event in Tulare his supporters, who had been waiting for him, let out loud cries of joy. But not everyone standing on Cartmill Avenue was happy the Republican presidential candidate decided to come to Tulare. Like Caty Wagner, who said Trump doesn't represent the people of Tulare County.

"He doesn't care about Latino issues. He doesn't care about Latino values. He wants to deport everyone. He doesn't care about women (or) people of color in any capacity. He's not American."

Wagner was a Bernie Sanders supporter before the candidate dropped out of the race. She's said she's not here to talk about Hillary Clinton, but rather help the effort to defeat Trump in November. Next to her, Alex Gutierrez held a sign that said, "Trump go home."

"Like Katie said, he's stirring the pot with people's fears. And this man here in the black smoke, hey, we're standing here loud and proud, love not hate."

When Trump visited Fresno in May, things got a little tense between Trump protesters and supporters. But there weren't any major confrontations in Tulare.

Wagner said it was tough to get people to come out on a Tuesday afternoon.

While she doesn't believe trump supporters are open to a meaningful dialogue, she said we have to start talking about issues that are important to the people of Tulare County.

"We produce $15 billion in ag output a year, and we have the resources, we have the money to take care of our own, but we don't. He looks for that money to put it elsewhere and the people who are participating today, I really urge them to look at their own community first."

We checked in with Tulare police who said the department prepared for every possibility, but it was a smooth and quiet event with no issues.
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