Vallejo stabbing leaves woman dead, 5-year-old hurt

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A Vallejo neighborhood is left shaken after a 5-year-old was stabbed in the throat and his mother was stabbed to death.

A neighborhood is left shaken after a 5-year-old was stabbed in the throat and his mother was stabbed to death; both allegedly stabbed by a man they barely knew. The attacks happened Saturday morning in Vallejo. A 43-year-old parolee has been booked on suspicion of murder.

"It's shocking to me, I don't understand it," said Vallejo resident Kimberly Bray.

No one understands the chaos that erupted in the small home on Marin St.

On Saturday morning, a woman who was temporarily staying there with her two young sons was attacked.

Police say Darryl Wakefield, a parolee who just got out of prison a month ago, is the one responsible.

"This is a very violent individual," said Lt. Sid DeJesus.

The suspect was originally busted for burglary, but did extra time for violent acts while in prison.

Once released, he only recently met the victim. Police say he did not have a romantic relationship with the woman. But for some reason, he showed up at the home at 2 a.m. and stabbed the woman to death, then stabbed her youngest son.

"Any time that you have someone who is killed and a 5-year-old involved, yes, that speaks to rage," DeJesus said.

The woman's 8-year-old, who may have been hiding during the attack, ran to a neighbor's house for help.

"For me it's really sad because I feel bad for the kids," neighbor Tomas Sanchez said. "The kids have to be involved for no reason."

Police quickly mobilized and started a manhunt.

Six hours after the stabbings, Wakefield was arrested in East Vallejo. He was just walking up the street about two miles from the crime scene.

Those who live nearby are shocked by it all.

"That's awful, the man is a mess," said Vallejo resident Justine Gonzalez. "What would drive him to do something crazy like that, what is wrong with that man?"

Police have not released a motive.
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