Valley Water holds San Jose flood meeting

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A critical eye is being cast on data developed by the Water District's Hydrologists.

San Jose has been defending itself for not ordering a mandatory evacuation because of its interpretation of data didn't indicate flooding was imminent.

Mayor Sam Liccardo told the Water District Board, that flooding occurred in Rock Springs and other areas at half the level that Hydrologists had forecast.

"My concern is that if we do not acknowledge that this data and information was flawed or that there are improvements that need to be made in communication, we are absolutely doomed to repeat this debacle," said Liccardo.

San Jose wants the Water District to share access to its Hydrologists and their technical knowledge. That they can agree on.

"We share the same constituents. These folks are not aliens to us. We care more than anything about our constituents, so we're on the same page with you," said Tony Estremera, the Director of the Water District.

The issue of liability could put both the city and Valley Water at risk. The water district says it's the duty of San Jose to order an evacuation.

Some argue, if lives are at stake, should the district have issued an evacuation order anyway?

"We certainly have received phone calls and inquiries regarding potential lawsuits, so there is that possibility. It's certainly a concern," said Marty Grimes, a spokesperson for the Water District.

No lives were lost in last month's flooding in San Jose.
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