VIDEO: Moving speeches, moments at Sgt. Lunger's funeral

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Thousands gathered at Oracle Arena on Thursday, July 30, 2015 to honor Hayward Police Sgt. Scott Lunger. The 15-year veteran of the force was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop on July 22, 2015. He leaves behind two daughters.

WATCH VIDEO: Sgt. Lunger's daughter Saralyn on her father: "My dad wasn't afraid to die. We talked about it a lot and he always said that dying is a part of life and the only thing we can do is to enjoy every day that we get. I think that my dad always knew that something like this was going to happen. And I truly believe that if he had to go, this was the only honorable way for it to happen. And even though the pain of missing him will never go away, I know that my mom, my sister, and my family will survive this because were the luckiest people in the world to have him in our life, a warrior."

WATCH VIDEO: Sgt. Lunger's daughter Ashton on her father: "This isn't fair. This is pain you can't put into words because it's just not real. And I am so angry when I have to realize that it is. Because you were my best friend. And no little girl should have to say goodbye to her heroic best friend."

WATCH VIDEO: Sgt. Scott Lunger's father Paul on his son: ""Dear son... son, that is a word with many meaning. A friend, a buddy, someone to laugh with and play ball with, someone to encourage, comfort, protect, teach, and to enjoy. You, Scott, you were my son and you were my sunshine. You brightened my days."

WATCH VIDEO: Sgt. Scott Lunger's big brother Mike on his brother: Over the last few days, I've heard some amazing stories from your brothers and sister in law enforcement. They looked up to you. Honest, compassionate, hardworking, giving of yourself, loving, fearless, eager to serve others. Well, little brother, the tables have turned. It is your big brother who now looks up to you."

WATCH VIDEO: Sgt. Scott Lunger's sister, Ciara, sings National Anthem

WATCH VIDEO: Hayward Police Chief Diane Urban on Lunger: "He led from the front and was ethical, driven, funny and stubborn. Scott personified the warrior spirit and was an example of how we should lead our lives every day."

WATCH VIDEO: Sgt. Phil Divinagracia gives eulogy: Sgt. Lunger "died doing what the sheepdog is supposed to do. He died protecting his flock."

WATCH VIDEO: Hayward Officer Justin Green on his partner: "Sgt. Scott Lunger was my mentor, my sergeant, my partner, and my brother. Sgt. Lunger had a saying, 'warriors work at night.' I can only hope I've done him proud."

WATCH VIDEO: Bagpipers play Amazing Grace while officers stand watch over casket

WATCH VIDEO: Care packages given to officers at Sgt. Lunger's funeral

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