Warranty issue leaves Walnut Creek woman without refrigerator for 4 months

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Mavis Sonnier couldn?t get her refrigerator fixed or replaced, and she found herself living without one of the most important kitchen appliances. (KGO-TV)

Imagine living without a refrigerator. That's what happened to a Walnut Creek woman who couldn't get help until she turned to 7 On Your Side.

You may not realize how important a refrigerator is until you don't have one. Mavis Sonnier couldn't get hers fixed or replaced, and she found herself living without one of the most important kitchen appliances.

Sonnier stocks her cooler with plenty of food, but it's not for a picnic. "I have some leftovers there for just reheating," she mentioned.

It's not for camping out, either, though you might say she's camping in.

Sonnier has been living out of three coolers for the past four months, ever since her Samsung refrigerator broke.

"I wish this whole nightmare was over," she said.

Technicians kept trying to fix it but nothing worked. All the while, Sonnier had to make do - condiments on the dining table, perishables in coolers.

Then came the real challenge.

"Having to buy ice, especially in this hot weather, and get it home before it melts," she added.

Sonnier had to replace the ice every day and it tended to melt on the way home. "I tried to go around the store a few times and get the bags cool and a towel cool enough to wrap around the ice so that it stays cool," she said.

Finally technicians declared the fridge was a lost cause but maybe Sonnier could get a full refund under a five-year warranty.

However, Samsung told her the warranty was no good, all because she'd bought the fridge from a non-authorized dealer.

"So I protested, I got a little bit angry, so I called 7 On Your Side, pleading," she said.

7 On Your Side contacted Samsung and after a review, the company said there was a mistake. Her warranty actually was valid.

A spokesperson said, "Customer satisfaction is core to our business success and we aim to deliver the best possible experience. We regret the experience that Ms. Sonnier had."

The company refunded the entire purchase price of that refrigerator -- $2,240.

"And I was amazed," she said.

Now Sonnier is no longer a slave to her coolers. "I can go play golf and do whatever I want to do and I don't have to be back to buy ice."

This case was also complicated because her contractor bought the refrigerator on her behalf.

If your contractor buys your appliances, make sure they are registered in your name.
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