West Oakland fire survivors being kicked out of emergency housing Wednesday

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oakland city officials are now releasing the identity of a third victim from last week's deadly fire in West Oakland. The victim is 41-year-old Ashantikee Wilson.

A total of four people died in the fire last Monday. Oakland fire officials say it started from a burning candle, by accident.

The building was used as a transitional housing facility for the homeless, people getting out of prison, and those with mental health issues.

New numbers just in from the city say more than 100 people survived the fire and now don't have a place to live.

Tomorrow, they will lose the shelter they've been staying in for the past eight days.

"We're mourning, we're hurt, we're lost, we're confused," said Harlan Smith, a fire victim.

With the temporary shelter about to close, the victims of last week's San Pablo Avenue apartment fire are worrying about where they'll be sleeping next.

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"That's what I'm saying. What are we going to do?" asked Smith.

"It's natural in their state to feel that the process is lengthy, it's chaotic, it's difficult to navigate at times," said Olga Crowe, a representative from the Red Cross.

In the meantime, the Red Cross, the city of Oakland and Alameda County have combined efforts opening a local assistance center near City Hall.

The center is offering assistance with housing, food, health and social services. But for some it's not enough.

"They don't give me nothing, nothing at all. They need to help us and get us places, stuff we lost," said Annie Thomas, a fire victim.

"We've been doing the best job we can," said Oakland Assistant City Administrator Claudia Cappio.

Cappio says finding housing for all the people displaced by the fire has been a challenge, not only because of a chronic shortage but also because the victims have diverse needs.

"People with various challenges, people with disabilities, seniors, families with children, single mothers with children. We've been taking that into account in terms of who gets the priority," said Cappio.

The local assistance center will be open for all victims of the fire through the end of the week.
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