Window washers rescued from Oakland high-rise

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Two window washers are safe after being stranded more than 200 feet in the air while doing their job in downtown Oakland.

The workers were stuck on their platform Thursday morning on the 19th floor of the City Center building at 1111 Broadway after the motors on their platform malfunctioned.

The firefighters first thought of breaking a window on the 24-story building to pull the men inside, but decided instead on a Spiderman like response.

A crowd of onlookers gathered below as police blocked off the streets.

The men who work for the Elite Window Washing Company said they had been stranded for two hours or more before police were called.

Firefighters carried equipment to the top of the building. Firefighter Brian Fukahara rappelled down and then everyone was hoisted up and over. Fukahara said the men were used to the height, so no panic, but he said he was a bit anxious.

"A lot of training goes into this type of high-angle rescue for but yeah, of course you get a little anxious and a little stressed," Fukuhara said.

He says the men were a bit dehydrated and hungry.

"They were very thankful and said, 'Now it's time for a lunch break'," Fukuhara said.
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