Woman accused of giving toddler meth at Berkeley park to appear in court

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Police arrested a woman who they say put methamphetamine in a boy's mouth at a Berkeley park. The woman was a total stranger to the boy.

The suspect has yet to make her first court appearance, that could come this afternoon or tomorrow.

The DA is still reviewing the case to decide which charges to bring against her.

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Police arrested 36-year-old Sayyadina Thomas for attempted murder. A nanny called police after she says the suspect put something in the two-year-old's mouth while he was on a play structure at the people's park in Berkeley on Monday afternoon.

Police arrested Thomas and while driving to the booking station police say she admitted to giving meth to the little boy. People's Park regulars say they know the suspect.

"She's not a very good person, she steals everyone's stuff, she runs around talking to herself, she's crazy," said Jameson, Berkeley resident.

The boy was rushed to the hospital where doctors found meth in his system. Police say he is recovering.
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