Women march for society, themselves in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Hundreds of women gathered to mark International Women's Day in Oakland dressed in red.

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The event at Frank Ogawa Plaza lasted nearly five hours and started in front of Oakland City Hall and touched on issues representing the diverse women who make up the fight for equality.

"No matter where you come from, religion, nationality or what gender you are, everyone is equal." said Norma Sanchez of Concord.

Sanchez marched for her mom, who couldn't be there Wednesday night, or any other night. "My mom didn't do anything wrong to anybody, so I'm here to stand up for her," she told ABC7 News.

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Five years ago Sanchez' mother was deported to Mexico. She fears President Trump's immigration policy will tear children away from their own mothers. "There are a lot of people right now that are kids that are getting separated," she said. "For a kid to have to go through it, I just can't even imagine, so I'm here for them."

There were women marching with their daughters. Men joined their female friends and family. "I'm here to take responsibility for the opportunities that have been stolen from women," said Oakland resident Zachary Sohn.

There were many different causes with one, common goal. "It is important to me that we resist Donald Trump's presidency," said one marcher.

It's a movement the women in Oakland want Washington and the world to know is only growing stronger.

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