North Bay Fire victims wonder if they'll see any PG&E money

SONOMA, Calif. (KGO) -- PG&E expects to pay $2.5 billion for costs related to North Bay Fires and that has left some victims who were impacted wondering if any of that money will be used to help them.

Mike Williams is a contractor helping to rebuild homes in Coffey Park, including his own -- one among thousands who lost everything in the raging Tubbs Fire last October.

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Though Cal Fire and the California Department of Forestry have yet to find PG & E responsible for this fire, victims in Santa Rosa are watching very closely the company's decision to set aside billions of dollars to pay for expected losses in other places, like from the Sulphur Fire in Clear Lake.

"It's encouraging for the people who were affected by those fires," said Williams. "But if you're in an area where the fire was the most devastating and they haven't made a decision, it makes you kind of wonder which way they're going to go."

Williams also wonders even if PG & E is found responsible for the Tubbs Fire, will any of the money trickle down to the fire victims themselves.

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"It seems that it is starting to turn in the direction of the people who were affected, but the question you want to ask is who was really affected? It was the city. It was the people. It was everything," said Williams.

Jennifer Pierre and her family also lost their home in Coffey Park. She, too, is uncertain whether homeowners here will ever see any money from PG&E, but says she's relieved the utility is preparing to pay up, at least in some areas.

"I think if you're at fault you should own it, so if they are found at fault they should take ownership of it and pay all the people that were impacted," said Pierre, who told us she and her husband are rebuilding their home but plan to sell it once it's completed.

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