Barn fire sparks bad memories of North Bay Fires for students at Santa Rosa school

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- Students in Santa Rosa feared bad luck was striking again after a small school barn caught fire Thursday night.

The Tubbs Fire destroyed Santa Rosa High School's beloved 60-acre farm and all of their barns back in October.

Another small barn, located just behind the school was damaged by fire Thursday night.

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Fortunately only four pig pens were damaged and no animals were injured. But the fire brought back a flood of bad memories for the teenagers.

Many showed up that very night, in their pajamas with a feeling of dread.

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They cleaned up the stalls and started over Saturday.

They're also planning for an upcoming fundraiser, set for next Saturday night in Windsor.

Click here if you'd like to attend or make a donation to help the students.

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