North Bay nurse sets up match program to aid families affected by deadly fires

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- Rising from the ashes of the North Bay fires, is a strong sense of appreciation and an even stronger sense of compassion.

A nurse in the North Bay is helping families affected by the devastating fires get the items they need by matching them with other families who have stepped up to donate.

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The match/donor families have agreed to help the families with everything they need to start over - items from work clothes, to curling irons and shoes.
"When you lose your home, it's hard to rebuild a home. You can rebuild a house, but it's hard to rebuild a home. I wanted to help in any way I can," volunteer coordinator Carrie Boyce said.

The match program started just about two weeks ago and in that time, 95 fire victims have been matched with 355 donor families.

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