Police find 87 explosive devices in Novato mom's home

Friday, February 13, 2015
Police find 87 explosive devices in Novato mom's home
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Police found 87 explosive devices inside a Novato mother's home and the woman is now facing charges.

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- The bomb squad, hazmat, police and firefighters flooded an upscale Novato neighborhood Friday morning. Inside a home inside Pacheco Avenue, near Indian Valley Road, they discovered more than 80 explosive devices.

Marin County Sheriff's Department says they had been following the suspect because she threatened someone. So when they pulled her over, they found explosives in her car, which led to a search of her home and a surprise for everyone, including her roommate.

Joy Brown was floored when police arrested her roommate, 43-year-old Laureen Mason. The bomb squad found Mason's bedroom full of explosives.

"She's a great mother. I mean she's just a really sweet person," Brown said. "She has the master bedroom and keeps her door locked, so that's her little area. If they were in there we didn't know about it."

The Marin County Sheriff's Office says Mason ignited some explosives to intimidate someone. Residents also complained of loud explosions during the week. So Friday morning, police searched Mason's home, located in an upscale Novato neighborhood, and discovered 87 explosive devices.

"Apparently, they were so loud," Brown said. "They were going off across town."

Homes in the immediate area were evacuated and other neighbors were ordered to stay inside. Police also found bomb making ingredients in the home.

Mason was charged with endangering her 5-year-old daughter who lives in the house. Her 33-year-old boyfriend Robert Speer is charged with possessing one of the explosive devices.