AC Transit investigating bus driver who drove through flooded intersection against regulations

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Stormy weather has forced Caltrans to close a busy intersection near the Port of Oakland because of flooding. Some riders are complaining because an AC Transit driver decided to plow through the standing water-- which the agency says they are never supposed to do.

Erica Joy was taking an AC Transit bus from Oakland to her job in San Francisco when her driver drove through several feet of standing water; high enough to seep onto the floor of the bus.

Some riders lifted their feet off the floor to keep their shoes dry.

AC Transit officials are not happy.

"No operator with AC Transit is ever instructed to drive through standing water. That is absolutely against all procedure and protocol as well as their nine-week training," said AC Transit spokesman Robert Lyles.

AC Transit is investigating what happened at the flooded intersection of 7th Street and Frontage Road and says the driver could be disciplined.

"We don't expect a bus to drive through standing water and we don't expect riders to be on buses that are going through standing water," Lyles said.

The portion of 7th street running under 880 was closed to all traffic at the Southbound 880 on-ramp because of flooding.

Oakland police were telling cars not to chance driving through the flooded part of Frontage road just north of 7th Street.

Only big rigs were being allowed through this morning. That doesn't mean every car driver was listening to frustrated officers.

A BMW stalled out in the deep water-- a big rig had to push it out.

Not everyone who challenged the water was in a car or truck. Frank Widener decided to wade through the water that came higher than his knees.

"Only way for me to get to BART and I gotta get home for Valentine's Day," he said.

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