Alpaca father-son bonding day in Oakland

ByDion Lim Localish logo
Monday, January 24, 2022
Boogie and Woogie take Oakland
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Two alpacas, Boogie and Woogie, take Oakland by storm after escaping their home.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- An adorable alpaca duo, Boogie and Woogie, decided to have a father-son bonding day.

The pair broke out of their backyard enclosure and embarked on a two-hour adventure through Oakland.

"They're hard to catch," said alpaca owner Tobias Riday. "But, these guys had a great day."

Boogie and Wooggie stopped drivers and bystanders in their tracks as they zig-zagged through residential areas. They even managed to dash under a freeway underpass.

The alpacas were ultimately corralled after their escape and reunited with Riday.

"They weren't hurt at all, I brought them back to the yard and they were super happy," explained Riday.

Boogie is Woogie's father, and the two love starting trouble every now and then! Keep up with their adventures by following @ItsTheBoogieWoogie on Instagram.