Hope grows for neighborhoods around Oakland Coliseum after A's ballpark announcement

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The Oakland Athletics have announced plans for a new stadium along the waterfront at Howard Terminal Wednesday while the Coliseum would be torn down and turned into a low rise sports amphitheater surrounded by grassy knolls.

Years ago the neighborhoods around the Coliseum were called "The Killing Fields" because of all the violence in the area.

Those neighborhoods have improved, but are still underserved. There are only two supermarkets in the area, but plenty of liquor stores.

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As we heard in Wednesday morning's press conference there is great hope for these communities after it was announced that there are plans to develop the area of the Coliseum.

Depending on who you are ask, some want more affordable housing, others think that any kind of housing will bring gentrification.

Whatever they choose to do with the area of the Coliseum, city and county officials say they want it to have a lasting impact on Oakland.

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We know that Alameda County is desperate to sell their half of their ownership. The construction of the Coliseum began in 1962. The Raiders were already in Oakland and, impressed with the Coliseum, the A's moved from Kansas City shortly after. For more than 52 years both city of Oakland and Alameda County have shared ownership of the Coliseum compound which also includes the Oracle Arena.

Four years ago the location was appraised for $160 million. If sold now, the county would get $80 million minus what it owes on the bond which is $60 million so they would probably end up with $20 million net. A county official says, "We should never be in the business of sports."

The county thinks the city should be the only one negotiating with the team.

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