Oakland mayor says city will file impasse and seek mediation in labor negotiations

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says the city is planning to file for an impasse and seek mediation in negotiations with city workers.

Union workers rejected the city's latest offer and are still on strike. This is day four of public employees off the job.

Workers on the picket line Friday morning say they were disappointed in the offer from the city and they reject it. Mayor Libby Schaaf announced it last night, workers say it's not just the salary offer they don't like they are also fighting for worker conditions.

"Her offer fails to address the major issues we wanted to address at this bargaining. There's no resolution on the homelessness issue, illegal dumping, exploitation of part time workers," said David Velez, building inspector bargaining team shop steward.

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The union has made a counter offer and the workers are willing to keep up a strong picket line.

"We're doing pretty good considering we have been out here for four days. Our spirits are pretty high; we are united in why we are out, it's pretty good," said Brenda Fransaw, parking revenue supervisor.

The mayor made clear last night a counter offer would not be accepted, but union leaders say they aren't sure what to believe anymore.

"We are a little confused by their definition of last, best, final. This is the third last, best, final they've given us and they've all threatened to go to impasse or mediation if we don't accept them," said a city worker.

Union leadership would determine if employees would go back to work during mediation.

Programs and facilities that will be closed include:
Head Start and Early Head Start sites
Senior Centers
Public libraries
Recreation centers and programs, including after school programs
Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP): No case management services for frail seniors except for scheduled home visits
No brown bag food distribution

Civic Center buildings: City Hall, 150 and 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza:
Parking Citation Assistance Center closed
Housing Assistance Center closed
No sale of paratransit taxi/bus vouchers

No fire inspections
No Fire Department plan checking and permits
No building inspections
Business Tax License closed
Business Assistance Center closed
Planning & Building Permit Counter closed

Other services that will be unavailable include:
No parking enforcement
No street sweeping
No public restrooms at City facilities
No routine maintenance work
No abandoned auto detail
No crime or traffic reports
For towed vehicles, OPD will provide a vehicle release form at the Police Administration Building, 455 7th Street, 1st floor, Records window.
Oakland's animal shelter will provide limited services during the strike: The Oakland Animal Shelter (OAS) will be open during regular hours for owners looking to reclaim their lost animals and for members of the public who must bring in stray or surrendered animals.

Routine services such as adoptions and licensing will not occur.
Partner agencies will transfer animals from OAS' care so that they may be adopted through alternate channels.
Volunteers will assist management to care for the animals in the shelter.
Calls for emergency response on animal-related matters should be directed to OPD.
Calls for routine services including dead animal pickup, strays, and other non-emergency calls will be delayed for the duration of the strike.

Some services will remain available, including:
Pay a parking citation
Report and track non-emergency problems, such as graffiti, illegal dumping or potholes
Report non-emergency crimes
Renew a residential parking permit
Pay a delinquent garbage bill
Download agenda reports and legislative actions of the City Council
Register for a City of Oakland dog license
Register for Parks and Recreation activities and classes
Review the library's Online Catalog and web-based services
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