Oakland declares impasse, SEIU says strike will continue

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Day four of a strike in Oakland still has buildings closed down and city services Curtailed. There is no end in sight yet as today marked a showdown between the mayor, who declared an impasse and workers who marched on the street.

Striking workers chanted "rise up, shut it down, Oakland is a Union town ." Midday they shut down the busy Broadway and 14th st intersection in downtown Oakland. One worker held a sign depicting Mayor Libby Schaaf as the "Grinch".

They were lashing out at the mayor after the city announced it was declaring an impasse in negotiations and requesting state mediation.

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Schaaf said they made their last best and final offer to the union on Thursday. She said " all city workers over the next two years would receive a 5% salary increase and it could be 6% if we hit revenue projections. "

Unions representing some 3000 city workers turned it down and presented a revised version at midnight. Their main point of contention is understaffing.

Senior library assistant Alan Howe said "the people that are working for the city are overworked especially our part-time temporary employees that are at will and have to work 2 to 3 jobs. "

This is the fourth-day senior centers, rec centers, and libraries have been shut down. There is no street cleaning or parking meter enforcement.

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley says it never should've gotten to this point. He said " this should have been resolved. This is just a disservice not only to these folks but all of us. I am a taxpayer and I'm upset about it. "

Other workers could walk out in solidarity if union bargaining team is a vote to extend the strike. Or the unions could accept the final offer as is. Or agree to mediation which could take months.

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