Green tarps at Oakland Coliseum coming down for A's games this season

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The dreaded green tarps that have closed off the third deck of the Oakland Coliseum are going away.

It's all thanks to demand from A's fans.

"Third deck the tarps are coming off, one at a time. I'm going to be busy all day doing this. I'm going to have my team on it. The tarps are coming off as you can see over here," A's President Dave Kaval said as he was working up a sweat to open up several sections on the view level Tuesday.

Seats on the third deck will cost $15 per game this season.

The removal of the tarps will expand the coliseum's capacity from 35,000 seats to more than 47,000 total.

The tarps on the Mount Davis section will remain.

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