San Jose woman detained in Oakland triple homicide, fire

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oakland police say a woman from San Jose has been detained to further investigate her possible involvement in the triple homicide that shocked a quiet neighborhood in Oakland.

The homicide investigation is underway at Dunbar and Hawkins Drive in Oakland.The people who live nearby are shocked such violence could happen in their neighborhood.

Oakland police say that two women and a man were killed just after midnight on Friday. Oakland police roped off a few blocks of the Arcadia Park neighborhood for the entire morning and brought in the FBI to help them, and quietly searched a large area for clues in the deaths of three people, but as they worked, the impact of what happened here was not lost on them.

"Well this is the the death of a human, three human beings so it's going to be a trying time for families and the neighborhood. This is a very quiet neighborhood in Oakland, so it's very shocking to the neighborhood," said Dom Arotzarena of the Oakland Police Department.

Police got the call that someone heard gunshots at 12:20 Friday morning. When they arrived on Dunbar Drive they found one gunshot victim lying in the street, and a fire burning in a garage. Inside the burning home they found two other people who had been shot. A fourth person at the home was taken in for questioning.

"We are questioning a person that was involved and in this, and we're still gathering witnesses and evidence, early process of this investigation," said Arotzarena.

Police say they are not looking for any other suspects and that the neighborhood is not in danger. That did little to ease the nerves here.

"Concerned, a little surprised that it happened, really kind of loss for words happened around the corner from our home," said neighbor Ericka Matthews.

"I am used to it, because it is Oakland, but not this part of Oakland," said another neighbor.

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