Homeless mothers fight eviction from vacant Oakland home they took over last month

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A group of homeless moms in Oakland are gearing up for what could be a high profile court battle. They recently moved into a vacant home without permission from the owners, but are now using legal channels, asserting their right to live there.

A community meeting at Oakland's Taylor Memorial Methodist Church was held Tuesday night to support a group of homeless moms who recently found shelter with their kids at a vacant home on Magnolia Street, seizing it without permission.

"We moved in, and now keeping up the house," said parent Dominique Walker.

Walker says she's done nothing illegal.

"There's four vacant homes for every one homeless person on the streets in Oakland, that's criminal to me during winter," Walker added.

The women are part of a new advocacy group called Moms4Housing, dedicated they say, to reclaiming vacant properties. The group is now fighting eviction, its website is collecting donations for the cause.

The house is owned by a Southern California real estate investment company which says the women have no right to be there.

The group won a temporary stay from eviction on Monday, they'll appear before a judge later this month to argue why they should be allowed to stay in the house.

Owners are not optimistic.

"Wedgewood is sympathetic to homelessness, but not when that includes breaking into other people's property, that's what these individuals have done," said Wedgewood spokesman Sam Singer.

The women already have many people on their side.

"I'm supporting these moms 100 percent.. my prayer is they can stay in the home," said Taylor Memorial Methodist Pastor, Anthony Jenkins.

The group is scheduled to be back in court December 30th.
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