VIDEO: Oakland police release bodycam footage of deadly police shooting

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oakland police released the body camera video of the bizarre and deadly shooting of a man found passed out behind the wheel of a car in the middle of a street in the city's trendy Grand Lake neighborhood.

Thirty-year-old Demouria Hogg was shot and killed by police in June of 2015 after officers claimed he reached for a loaded handgun inside his car when confronted by officers.

After the shooting a handgun loaded with a 30-round clip was recovered inside Hogg's vehicle.

Investigators said at the time that they believed Hogg may have been under the influence of drugs.

The new videos, which run for a total of 65 minutes, are from the body camera of Officer Nicole Rhodes, who fired the shots that killed Hogg.

The videos start as officers work to clear the scene as paramedics inform them that the man passed out inside a gray BMW is armed.

Over the next hour, the videos show police trying to wake up Hogg by blaring their siren multiple times, talking to the driver on a megaphone asking for him to come out with his hands up.

When none of this manages to wake up the driver, police can be heard devising a plan to get him out of the car by breaking the driver's side window.

Then just over an hour after the first arrived on the scene, police move in with guns drawn.

Right after they smash his window, the driver appears to wake up and Officer Rhodes can be heard saying "don't move" three times before firing two shots. Right after the shots are fired another officer deploys a Taser striking Hogg.

Hogg later died at the hospital

Officer Rhodes was cleared of any wrongdoing in 2016, but the City did settle a lawsuit with Hogg's family over the incident for more than $1 million.
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