Inglewood approves plans for new stadium

The Oakland Raiders' push to share a new stadium in Southern California with the Chargers just took on new urgency. Another NFL's stadium plan just got approved by a neighboring city.

The LA area could go from having no professional football team to having three. That's if all the stadium deals go through.

The Raiders announced last week a joint effort with the San Diego Chargers to build an NFL sports arena in Carson. That's about 15 miles outside of Los Angeles. Both teams have struggled to secure stadium contracts in their hometowns.

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Then late last night -- the city council in Inglewood approved construction of a stadium for the Rams. The team's owner bought a 60-acre lot there and wants to develop the area. Fans with the group Save Oakland Sports don't like the plans one bit:

"I hope it's a scare tactic. I hope it's the impetus to kind of move the process along faster," said Chris Dobbins.

"Carson is quite a ways out too -- so it's kind of interesting. It's going to depend on how many teams actually end up in that market. You know the Rams, the Chargers -- that's three teams. How many pieces of the pie are there to go around?" Randy Piplica.

Inglewood and Carson are just a short drive from each other, less than 15 miles apart. Both the Raiders and Chargers say they'll continue to negotiate with their home markets to make a deal.

If plans for the Rams continue to push forward -- the team could move to LA by 2018.
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