WATCH: Officer kicks in door, pulls unconscious man out of burning California home in heroic rescue

GRASS VALLEY, CA -- A police officer kicked in a door and rushed inside a man's home to save him from a house fire last week in California.

Officers responded to a fire call where a man was believed to be trapped inside his burning home. When they checked the front of the home they were met with heavy smoke and intense flames.

Officer Jonathan Brown ran around looking for another way to get inside.

He found a side door and was able to kick it open. With his flashlight, he spotted something in the hallway of the home.

It was a foot.

Officer Brown crouched and entered the house. He grabbed the foot and pulled, dragging the unconscious man outside to safety.

The man, who had passed out from smoke inhalation, is expected to recover.

Neighbors commended Brown for his heroics.

"It takes something inside you to take it to that level," Neil Stradinger said.
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