Rare sighting of critically endangered L-pod orcas in Monterey Bay

MONTEREY, Calif. (KGO) -- The closest watched group of orcas in the world, the L-pod, made a rare appearance in Monterey Bay Sunday.

Marine biologist Nancy Black with Monterey Bay Whale Watch says this is the first time they've been seen this far south since 2011.

Transient orcas are a common sight in Monterey Bay. However, the L-pod are among the southern resident killer whales who's traditional hunting grounds are in Seattle's Puget Sound and Vancouver Island.

A shortage of chinook salmon has put a strain on the pod. Since 1995, the L-pod population has dropped from 58 orcas to 35.

That's why researchers were excited to see "Lucky" the calf, who was born last December and had not been seen since January. Black said the calf looked healthy.

Researchers also witnessed the orcas eating.
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