The man behind the greatest dance routines for the NBA and NFL dance teams

Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Oscar Hernandez, Viral dancer and Professional Choreographer to NFL and NBA teams. ABC7 news caught up with the dancer in the East Bay to aks him how he keeps his dance moves fresh and viral worthy

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- Behind some of the best halftime performances in pro sports is a choreographer rooted in the Bay Area who is delivering the hype and the fancy footwork.

You might recognize Oscar Hernandez, a professional choreographer and viral sensation, from his TV appearances on "America's Got Talent", "The Ellen Show" and the NBA's Western Conference Finals Halftime Show. But did you know one of his first professional dance gigs was here in the East Bay?

ABC7 caught up with Hernandez while he was teaching at an audition for the Golden State Warriors' Hardwood Classics.

"It (The Bay Area) does hold a big special place in my heart because this was one of the first big teams that I actually choreographed for after I moved from Arizona," said Hernandez. "Being here in the Bay and being a young coach and to where I am now this will always be home for me because of the friends and the connections."

Since his first professional choreography job with the Golden State Warriors, he has worked with several NBA, NFL and IFL teams, and has danced internationally.

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"It is a lot of go, go, go and no wait," said Hernandez. "That's just what goes with the choreography. I have my laptop and my music ready and whenever somebody calls me, I am quick and fast and I come up with the routine and I am going to deliver. "

Hernandez attributes his dancing skills to his grandmother, who also was a professional choreographer.

"I started dancing at the young age of four by my grandmother. I wanted to do this professionally when I choreographed my first routine in junior high and it was my first competition routine. We won first place with that and that's when I knew," said Hernandez. "This started off as a hobby and something that I loved to do. Now it has become a career as far as putting food on the table and putting a roof over my head."

Hernandez's performances have gone viral and caught the attention of people around the world including talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

"The viral video, I didn't know what was to be expected. My thoughts were oh my god people know my name and people from all over," sad Hernandez. "Ellen flew me out on her show and that was an experience that I will never forget. When I was on "America's Got Talent", it really opened the door for me as far as where I wanted to take myself."

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Hernandez has a unique style of dancing and his favorite genre to teach is jazz-funk, which includes straight-arm movements, hair flips and plenty of sass. He prides himself on staying up on his A-game and constantly learning from others.

"I keep the moves fresh looking because I have teenagers who are teaching me these fresh moves," said Hernandez. "For me it could just be walking or listening to a song and something will pop up in my head and I will think that will be a very good move. Sometimes it is just the vibe of the room, the vibe of the people and how they are feeling and what I am feeling off of them."

Hernandez strongly believes the key to his success is staying humble and giving back.

"The key is just knowing where you come from. Know your dancers and connect with them," said Hernandez. "Making them feel comfortable, brightening up their day and making them feel the same love and passion that you have for dance."